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College Advising 101 Worksheet
Are You Ready? - College Advising 101 has information on academics, financial aid, and college life to help you plan ahead for college. This is a great place to start!

Choosing the Right College
Selecting a college can seem like a daunting task. This document contains campus characteristics that will help you determine which college is best for you!

College Visit Checklist and Questions
Visiting a college campus can be overwhelming. This document contains ideas of what to do while visiting a campus, questions to ask, and places to locate. Print the document, add your own ideas, and take it with you during the visit!

Standardized Test Descriptions
Which test should you take? What is the difference between all the tests? This document explains each test so students will better understand all of the acronyms!

Registering for the ACT
Step by Step instructions make registering for the ACT easy. Visit www.act.org to register for the ACT, get study information, and find out more about the test.

Registering for the SAT
Step by Step instructions to help students register for the SAT. Visit www.collegeboard.com to register, get study material, see SAT scores, and more about the test.

Texas Success Initiative Assessment
Before registering for classes colleges will require student to take a placement test to determine if they are ready for college level courses or if the student will be required to take remedial math or reading courses. The link will give you more information about the TSIA, how a student an be exempt, and what is covered on the test.

Tips for Writing Scholarship and College Essays
Here are 12 tips to help students as they begin writing scholarship and college essays. 

Asking for Letters of Reccomendation
Who should you ask to write a letter of reccomendation? What information should you give them to assist in writing the letter? Find out the answers and other advice in this document.